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Let's get to know each other! My name is Aurel Katser and before starting my own business I worked in marketing since 2008, holding management positions in Nova Porta, Dina Cociug, Conluxart, Tagaer and

As I gained more and more experience, the best results, and figures from various business domains, I have come to understand my professional superpower and the overall objective of my work: To be a Catalyst. A catalyst of ideas, strategies, creativity, growth and success of companies.

It often seems (and indeed happens) that the activity of a marketing specialist is limited to advertising, offering something immense, and no one wants to be responsible for sales.

Аурел Кацер
классную команду настоящих маркетологов

But I have assembled an excellent team of true marketing specialists who possess the magic of sales and know that it lies in strategy and information :)

Each of us has experienced firsthand how much marketing influences businesses, transforming companies into brands and changing the scale of any activity.

Coming together, we have brought to life your marketing partner - Rating Point. Now you live in a world where researching your business can become an adventure, and marketing - an art. A world where each figure will have its own story, and each story - its own success.

Nice to meet you!

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